Beauty of the Night

Beauty Of the Night
On a cool, sultry night, your silhouette is visible from afar. Up close I see you through the reflection sleeping so serenely innocently. In a peaceful state, as I watch you stir in your sleep, I see how the satin accentuates your curvaceous figure, your elegance has captured my vision, my attention, making me want you.
I could stand here and look at your charm endlessly, to savor your essence as you gratify my pleasures. You leave me in a state of euphoria. I slowly open the glass door and step into the room, trying not to disturb you. I want to feel you for myself. I reach out to rub you, to caress your flesh. As I arouse you, you turn to one side, never opening your eyes. You are sound asleep.
It mesmerizes me how lovely you look; like a beautiful princess. I pull back the satin sheets and lie next to you. You awaken, opening your vibrant eyes. As you see me you cuddle next to me, kissing me. I hold you in my arms and inhale your immaculacy, letting my thoughts linger to my Beauty of the Night.
Fernie Diaz#617918; Smith High Security; Lemesa, Texas

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