How Long

How Long
I’ve been buried alive in a stone tomb
I’m trying to find a ray of light seeking illumination from the moon
Every night I’m chipping at the walls, but only in my mind
I can’t sleep because I hear sounds echoing from past crimes
Nothing but distant images penetrate my eyes
Like Galileo with no telescope to see the stars in the sky
At times I just lay down with my head beneath the blanket
A frustrated way to escape because I hate it
My thoughts are of the world but me it never mentions
All it does is spin and witnesses the tension
Every night when the sun hides from the beauty of the stars
I relax to meditate and my mind drifts through the bars
Every night I leave my cell and enter into the unknown
It’s a bit of a relief but it’s no place like home.
How long until I’m not alone?
WSPF Prisoner

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