DeCarlos Young

Makes Me Wanna Holler

Once some one told me that you are your
own worst enemy and I believed them and
then I met you.

It wasn’t until I met you that I found out
what pain, hatred, and devilish act, a savage, uncilvilized
cruelty, inhumane, unlawful, unjust, untruthful
and unmerciful all means.

The look that I see in your eye is that
of pure evil and even as I rebuke you
the evil still lie in your face and your eyes.

And the way you forbid my culture to even
exist is enough to make me wanna holler yezh! That’s
right Holler! Holler! At the top of my lungs

As I lie here on this cold hard floor slowly
dying being tortured by your terrorism that is so swift
and ever so unsympathetically placed on my mind,
body, heart and soul.

But yet I hear them yes others just like
me as they’re asking for those who torture them to
stop the pain yet they find their pleas
so very funny but what else can a grown man
do when in pain but that’s right.. holler. …
Holler at the top of his lungs.

Hoping that the depression, anxiety the voices
the insomnia and hallucinations would somehow stop
Stop like a dime falling onto a thick carpet
as those who see your tears and sickness as their
work of art their own master’s piece.

And a doctor that sees your rage as his
chance to play as if he’s a mason and build you
back up with medication and place you back in
the same ordeal but yet mankind sees us as raving

And as I set here desolate writing
with this small pen in hand venting while my
tormentor’s eyes watching every word I
put on paper as a man it all makes me wanna

De’Carlos Young #421325, CCI; PO Box 900, Portage, Wi 53901

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Anonymous said...

My baby is so talented. I hear your words and I feel you!!