Tears Fall From Cell Walls

Come? Take a journey with me where all night and all day it rains. Where there’s constantly heard and unheard screams of pain, due to physical and mental torture, be it solitary confinement or mechanical restraints. This is where tears fall from cell walls. Where punishment is executed daily without delay or flaw. If you step out of line here, the police or an inmate beast will break your jaw. The H.S.U. doctor can wire your mouth shut for you, so that through your clenched teeth you can smoke rolled-up cigarettes while your hatred thaws. Please continue to walk with me? Through corridors painted drab colors, and where yellow lines guide the heavy medicated to chow. There you can lose yourself in the music and t.v. shows that show you how good it is to live but never teach you how. Tears fall from cell walls here like dew drops slide down a blade of grass in the early morning dawn. Now doesn’t that scene sound beautiful? Ask that same question to inmates locked demonically and hellishly secure in W.S.P.F. or Washington State I.M.U, who can never see the lawn! Come on, Come On, don’t stop walking please! The scenes here are so obscene that the weak one’s knees buckle and their brain starts to bleed. Not from violence but from lack of knowledge, their life gets lost in- between. You find their cold bodies decorating the vents of their lonely cells. Don’t worry, what you hear is the united yells of caged monkeys alerting the zoo- keepers that the young deceased man’s body has swelled like yeast, and his innocence cannot be proven for it drips all over the gray concrete….tear drops fall from cell walls. ( delete or changeWhen young boys aged 12 and 15 are locked in jails with pedophiles and predators of all kinds and sorts for stealing cars and not paying child support(??)) Who will protect their innocence at night when the cages close and the thirsty lust filled wolf stalks? When tears fall from cell walls . I should advise you that “Father Time” is also called “The Bald Headed Cheater” because he steals from you what you can never regain. Those here now suffer because they played Russian Roullette with him, and he failed to mention that they took the first pull, and he let remain every bullet in the chamber! 25 to life, life without parole and at 50 you get 60 years, where is the fairness in this game? Where you are guilty until proven innocent, and, and #283240 becomes your name? Please pray for these walking dead, kind visitor, please reach out to touch the forgotten? Those who are as alive as you and me, but legally dead in a cement coffin and rotten! I appreciate you accompanying me, kind visitor. And I thank you for seeing it all.
So when you return to the “Land of the Living,” tell them about the tears you saw fall from cell walls.

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