Lamont McNeal

Bet You Open Your Eyes

Lamont McNeal #229402 ;
GBCI PO Box 10933; Green Bay, Wi 54307
written in 2004

America, should you keep dreaming or open your eyes and see
this president has made a miscall that jeopardized you and me.
Our families are fighting a war in Iraq, the president started, no doubt.
He sent our soldiers across the border with no plan to get them out.
Bodies are hitting the ground like leaves from a tree;
if they order a draft where does that leave you and me?
They throw flags over the caskets and salute the sky
but still haven’t told the families how their children died or why.
Families losing jobs, elderly people getting robbed,
medicare so high,how can you pay for it without a job?
This world is losing focus, standing strong which we ain’t¸
never mind what the president says or the picture he tries to paint.
A blind man can’t see, but he can open his ears and listen,
broadcasted in the news a reporter has come up missing.
Bound and gagged strapped down to his knees
negotiating with the terrorists to please let him leave.
Soldiers travel the region stop dead in their jeeps
only to see the civilian with his head chopped off by his knees.
Spokes men tell the families the tragedy has just begun
while the terrorist air ads promising it will happen again.
Voting is very, very important so if you can, please do
or imagine your feet walking in my prison shoes.
I took advantage of my life, and lost that right,
to pick the next commander –in- chief who could definitely win that fight.
Four years has been jagged off,all our allies have been run off
the same man used his power to get John Kerry votes tossed off.
Families in church crying, the pain you couldn’t compare it,
while the president argues at debates about the rights of gay marriage.
Something is wrong with this picture, I think the whole film,
while veterans are in wheel chairs with the loss of their limbs.
The death toll is so high the world has lost track
the president still hasn’t admitted he made a mistake when he invaded Iraq.
He said he was looking for weapons of mass destruction
so when will they appear the only threat to this nation
is when he got elected for 4 more years.
Only a Bush supporter will accept more lies so place their family in Iraq
I bet you open your eyes.
“2004 election” Please help our nation

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