Henry Dandridge

Henry Dandridge #340012.3A.224
Standish Maximum Correctional Facilty
4713 W.M-61Standish, MI 48658

Poem: Recognizing the Lies and Trial of tribulations

Trials of Tribulations
I say, Trials of Tribulations!
Dumbfounded, and completely blinded by those in the most highest positions or even places.
There has to be a complete change ya'll
for what? an why?
Is there a legitimate answer to these questions of why?
when telling me, when spoken upon, the answer seems so very shallow,
and the grey area,
it's always stated
induced Democracy
things hasn't changed except,
the upbringing in magnitude of numbers within the fatality.
it has grown so, so rapidly
This war that we're fighting,
it truly should be over, so give them back their country
They've learned enough strategic methods of our military
now, let them fight this never ending hostility

Trials and tribulations!
it's really sad that parts of our country
has to become destroyed by the fury
of the uncontrollable raft of mother nature
We have to understand, that there is no high technological equipment made by man,
that can determine a hurricane's future
the man, that's in charge
Along with his entourage
That governs our country
had come four days later
That's after
sewage, toxin and waste had completely contaminated the water
there was famine, people were lost, and loved ones had died
An some self -centered people in helicopters
instead of helping had took pictures as they flew on by
Crowded no-more space that could be filled into the silver dome
Left outside to fend for ones self
a few items labeled as belongings,
less than 2/3's of a cubical space to call a person's home
Trials of Tribulations
There's so many uncalled for lies
There's lies
There's lies
Hypocritical message coding thru political dedications that really despises
despises the reality of what's truly going on,
the second lens has been uplifted, uncovered from a oh so cloudy pupil
the lies
the lies
We see you shivering, shaking, trying your best to hide
The lies
It is too late
your actions has been detected
the dishonesty, displayed so repeatedly upon our people.

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