marcus Porter

Poems by Marcus Porter #251029
WCI, PO Box 351; Waupun, WI 53963

I Wish
I wish I could give my grandmother eternal life-And let her see everything’s going to be alright-
I wish I had the power to turn back time or erase all hideous crimes-
I wish the Rich could put their feet in the poor shoes to feel what it’s like to lose-
I wish the morgue could go out of business and the world in a mass demonstration would ask for repentance-
I wish childr4en would never lose their innocence and things could be like they were in Genesis-
I wish there wasn’t a need for thoughts like this…


Arrogant, Egotistic, conceited.
It’s all about me…
So when I walk about with my nose turned up
And I really don’t give a fuck
That should let you know
It’s all about me…
When I stare with my condescending glare
And you feel like you shouldn’t really be here
It’s all about me…
My vanity, self esteem….kiss my ass attitude
Because you’re not worth another conscious thought
It’s all about me..

My cell walls sweat with frustration
From years and years of incarceration
They weep for the souls they have lost
But still their hearts are made of stone.

The root of all evil= POWER
The reason men bleed=POWER
Control, respect, greed=POWER
World domination=POWER
Mental castration=POWER
Drugs, guns, caskets=POWER
Punks, faggs, bastards=POWER
Pain, hurt, sorrow=POWER
Yesterday, today, tomorrow=POWER
Love, dedication, bliss=POWER
Hug, caress, kiss=POWER
The bitter and the sweet=POWER
The cold and the heat=POWER
Wisdom , awareness and understanding=POWER
Deception, swindle and underhanded=POWER
The unwitting death=POWER
First and last breath=POWER

I’ve Been with Her 11 Years and yet I enter her with no sense of direction, she takes me in with only the slightest movement, swallowing me whole-but I fight hard to get my self under control, my thoughts are beyond reach- She’s doing things to me I never knew existed-her attitude is unreasonable, her walls are suffocating and she doesn’t even know she’s doing these things- I pray that her destruction is ended one day, until then I lay inside her womb…
Unsolicited intercourse

I like my coffee black as an African Queen.
Throw in some Brazilian cream
If you know what I mean-
A Latino to sweeten it up.
A Chinese Beauty just like a saucer and cup.
A pinch of Jamaican spice to make it alright,
Some Indian sugar so I’ll be up all night-
A drop of Dominican Lemon to keep me busy,
Cup full pf European rum to make me dizzy-
Not Folgers or Mexwellhouse,
women is what I’m talking about.

Substitutes are all right for coffee and maybe for tea,
But no substitutes when it comes to loving me.
I only take what’s real because I know I can give it back.
I don’t give opinions about love, I only give the facts.
If you don’t have the right ingredients we won’t mix well
That’s not something we can easily detect cuz time will tell.
I will tell you what you subtituted and what you failed to see
Because like I said,
Substitutes are all right for coffee and maybe for tea
But there’s none when it comes to me.

I know a place where souls walk out.side the body + where morals and ethics don’t exist . + self respect is in the same category as worthless and death + where homosexuality is considered the norm + stupidity is cool + where mortals claim to be prophets and gods + one man controls the world + where child molestation is rampant + where juveniles are killing each other like animals + where democracy is a joke + prisons are human warehouses + where crack is the American pass.time + where justice is not only blind but a whore +where bills and laws are made to keep the rich richer and the poor poorer + where women use names like bitches and whores and tramps to identify themselves + where Revelation is seen everyday + where the world is a Ghetto + where freedom is in jeopardy + where I have no more to say…

Two More
My backbone is what keep me up right-
It gives me that strength to fight-
My backbone is what holds my head straight-
So I won’t wobble or bend under the weight-
Even when friends and family are slowly dying-
My backbone supports me when I’m crying-
My backbone is my first love-
We’re closer than the heart that pumps my blood-
So when I’m on my hands and knees
With pain in my eyes that scream please-
My backbone stands firm and won’t leave-
My backbone heals me when I’m sick-
Doesn’t play games or pull tricks-
My backbone is like no other-
That’s why I’m proud to say my backbone is my mother.

2) I was suddenly knocked off balance. It struck without warning, pushing it’s razor sharp teeth through my chest, ejaculating it’s poison into my heart. It was a high like no other. I became weak at the knees, arms got heany, vision blurry. It released it’s grip letting me fall to my knees and there I was smitten by the whole ordeal. I’ve heard many stories about it but never could I imagine my own encounter, me of all people, bitten by the LOVE BUG.
(Love bug comes with picture)

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