Doing TIme In Sensory Deprivation and Social Isolation Or What's it Like Living in Hell?

Doing Time In Sensory Deprivation and Social Isolation
by Manuel Williams
Or What's Living Hell like?

I arrived at Green Bay Correctional Institution March of 2006, transferred from Columbia Institution. It was alleged by CCIs prison officials that my misbehavior was misappropriate to coexist with the institutional level in either general population or segregation- but overall I was relocated from one form of confinement to a worster case of deprivation of environmental privileges.
I been fluctuating between segregation that exercise social isolation and sensory deprivation conditions for an extensive time, I estimate five years uninterrupted camouflage in these harsh structures- I already knew what time it was, once upon my arrival to the segregation that's labeled "programming", but really, there's no-programming within this segregation. Correctional officers precipitated a friendly attitude, me personally knowing their atrocious incognito characteristics, I produced a frustrated facial expression, indicated, give me space. I am a convict, you guys c/os, there's no similarity between us.
It's impossible to befriend correctional officers, especially when the majority will stabb us prisoners in the back by administration encouragement, even when there's no reason.
I was told to undress for a "strip search." A " strip search"is a total invasion of prisoners private areas-
one of the c/os told me to bend over and spread my buttocks. I automatically squatted, cause prying my butt-cheeks open is inhumane and sensual to the human sexual perceptions.
Homosexuality traits is in the mind's eye of the guard doing the "strip searches. Basically a presence of mind of what their doing- It's not wrong for these modern societies to observe rallies or gay parades- most clinicians stipulate from my aspect, that homosexuality is neither a psychological defect or mental illness. Some may believe homosexuality is amoral. How correctional -officers handle a 'strip search" shows their propensity to be non- heterosexuals because ain't no man in his right mind, will sacrifice his dignity and self respect for watching another man's private parts and then probably smelling hostile body aroma.
Most correctional officials are conservative, believe that by prisoners being vulnerable, without their ability to depend on the judicial system that strip us of many constitutional rights, that barbarity treatment is prison-official's choice of resorting to is a mandatory pristine which is wrong.
After "strip search " I was rehandcuffed and shackled, then tooking to my new cell.
Upon entry into my new cell, I recognized a whole different transformation, based on the vociferous bragging and illegible causerie via these inmates communicating threw parts of their cell-door. The shackles were removed from my ankles and c/os activated their walkie-talkie to apprise this c/o monitoring the security station, to secure the cell door. Once the cell-door was secured, handcuffs were eviscerated from my wrists-
The cell- trap was shut-
I felt a repletion of physical freedom, when I am in my cell, in control of my movement, within the cell, it's awesome- an actual blessing.
As slave history shows, slaves were confined in a hopeless and restricted captivity, while the master lived in luxury. This is a flagrantly luminosity of the purpose of segregation, detention serves.
The cell window that I supposed to see natural sunlight is blurred with a fog inside the glass, obstructing me from viewing the outside of segregation. The cell light stays on 24/7 and can only be reduce to dim or increased back to bright, depriving me of my sleep a lot-
There's a gigantic China wall constructed down the middle of the hallway , therefore, isolating me from speaking with other prisoners on the otherside of the wall, disorienting my social skills.
Shower. toilet, sink, desk is compacted in my cell. The mirror is an illusion, because it has two reflections, one at too and one at bottom. I sometimes find it frustrating watching my reflection, that expresses two from one.
There's four observation cells that is void of windows, besides a plexi-glass for c/os and other inmates to observe these inmates as they ambulate past these cells
Inmates that qualify for observation placement is suicidal inmates or disruptive inmates
The purpose of these social- isolation and sensory deprivation segregation is to 1) make us recalcitrant and passive-resistant inmates hopeless. 2) Eject scare tactics into certain inmate's heart and mind. 3)Then brake that inmate to submission stage. 4)After submission is complete, preprogram inmate's thinking according to the administration way of co-dependency.
If none of the method is having it's expected affects, psychological or physical harassment is increased to it's maximum dosage-if the reform modus operandi is not effective as inmate-officials plan, inmates are transferred to a new institution.
P.S. All prisoners keep ya head up, stay strong. Don't let our enemies see you cry- that is sign of weakness, emotional or physical and predators prey on their opponent's weaknesses.
Mr Manuel Williams

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