Poems By Manual Williams

Poems of Manuel Williams #303943; CCI; PO Box 900; Portage,WI 53901

How can all the possibilities be guarantees?
Hen the law lessens all my career opportunities.
How can friendship be so good?
But a friend leaves sooner than it starts.
Why should a life that lives, end before it lived?
How can all the talented die, but the talent still live?
Who say corruption don’t exist in humbleness?
When everyone who’s silent are corrupt?
A too tough brain carries a tender heart?
Why a tough heart(h?) , carries a tender brain.
Those that fail to speak for Justice commit the worstest crime,
While those that speak is “justice” (“just ice” or “Just us”?)

Being a prisoner
My pen is my life,
while my paper is my unity.
The bed I sleep on is like stone metal,
And the blankets I sleep under are like wool.
My captors are destroyers.
I’m like a bee nest,
And my papers are like “bees.
God is my nectar.

Yes, there’s a revolution in prison, those whose stand against department of corrections against those who stand with department of corrections.
Those that’s against the d..o.c. against inhumane treatment, cruel and unusual punishment, unconstitutional violations.
While that stand with d.o.c. advocate the inhumane, cruel and unusual punishmnt and unconstitutional violations,
Many ask Muslims why they switch belief from Christianity.
I’m a Baptist, but will break the revolution in prison down in good terms.
Majority of correctional officers say they are Christians and believe in God from the Bible.
When a guard fails to protect a prisoner and answers “Why yas let them treat us this way?” with “you’re in prison,” he is unfaithful to his religious duty as a Christian.
Reason why Islam is having an effect on Christianity is because there’s millions of Muslims that used to be Christian and Christianity is facing a building revolution in prison.
Matthew 11-25 “I thank you father, lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them to babies.”
The above quotation should sum up everything.
By Manuel Williams

TIME by Manuel Williams
Time is to heal all things
:Pain, sorrow, frustration,
When we only look at the hurt,
But never look at the time it took to become healed,
Through all our days of grief, never to realize what dominated our time to look
What’s the outer control that pained us,
Which distance focus from time,
What heart destined to be broken once more with the advent of Spring,
Should heal next Summer gle(?)
Time can’t run from us, nor can we run from time,
No matter what the problem may be, time would catch up
And we deal with the things we see
What we can’t deal with now, we have to deal with later
Later is the pass tense of things we look over to ignore.

Poem Odyssey Love
By Manuel Williams
What brighting the gabardine heart,
Is soothing words and a malody of passion,
Even when your world seems up-side down your love would always appear
When you’re not around,
The wave of heat from my body would always embrace
You as eagle wings over it’s young
For ever a love a love should be fortifying,
Thy gang-way entrance of eternal love would always be
Fragmented as thy oldest fossil that rusts away
With no noticeable appearance,
My love, even when you try to hide thy love that’s
Irreplaceable, like the wind in the breeze that can
Never be controlled, the energy of your love have been extent
to exist, thy fuel, that sends electric current vibes through my body, has frozen my mind, waiting to be thawed with thy fulminating kiss.
Have I told you thy lips are like the wildest citrus tree?
When our love and passion is unsophisticated, clashing in
action to our secret weakness clasp together with thy
strongest of ecstasy,
you are my sun,
cause you have kept me enriched with your
you are my wind, when you have taken my breath away
with your genuine literary work of
motions that reflects to be unforgettable,
thy love never would be brittle

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