poems by Johnny Lacy

Shadows dancing
I close my eyes and see
Shadows dancing across
The ceiling of my mind

I can hear the echoes from
Each chamber of my heart
A heart void of love except
For that to give.
It cries for love
Every heart needs

I hear big, grey dinosaurs
Roaring in my ears while
Little pink elephants play
Tamborines along the
River that is my soul, in
A song I can only imagine
Sang for its other half.

What is it? As my spirit
Takes flight and leaves
A gentle breeze that makes
The wind chimes strum a
Soft, harmonious melody
My body awakes to a
Burning desire to be juxtaposed
With the shadows dancing
Across the ceiling of my mind.
l've always been alone.
by Johnny Lacy
My reminiscence pays no tribute to any happier times,
I ask my mind to be quiet so I can hear the whispers of my heart.
My body tells my soul how it's searched the universe for one tidbit of true ecstasy.....
My spirit is on a perpetual errand in search for its kindred....
Half a century has gone by..yet I'm not half a centarian.
I watch the moon and stars through the ceiling while lying face down in my bed.
I am chilled by the breeze that blow through a concrete wall over the rugged edges of cold steele. Some times when there's pandemonium in my mind, It results in catastrophe in my feelings.
But then, who cries for my soul?
A souls that seeks, but never finds redemption.
Everyone has a mistake in their past.
So I'm forced to reconcile it with all the facts..
I've always been alone.
My only consolation has been the fact that my life has been spotted with small joys
and full of long sorrows.
So I wonder- is it my lack of dangerous aggression, or my extraordinary simplicity that subjects me to these vulnerabilities??...
I've never known..
through my spirit, which is my astral self,
I've looked into a bartering of extraordinary revelations
And found an exposition of lost souls wandering about With no particular destination,
Should I remain in a complete dislocated lucidity, or join the rat race?
So I'm suspended in misery, no eyes grow moist for me-
No shadows can hide my grief?
No comforts can provide me with relief-that I've found.
Now that you've peeked into the small, tragic history of my life,
tell me, Is it beyond scary to you also or would you term me as an ancient survivor.
Keep uppermost in mind-This life has manifest itself-
because I 've always been alone.
Johnny Lacy #71373;WCI; PO Box 351; Waupun, Wi 53963
He needs friends, is easy to write to and very open and enthusiastic. Again use our email for questions. He has many poems we will be featuring.

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