Poem: In The Hole

In the hole, where C.O.’s would love to see you hang yourself
And your only dream is to find the means to get out of this cell
Cause it seems like Hell when you can’t even tell whether It’s night or it’s day.
No razors to shave, no way to get paid, no place for the made
One must be brave and face each day, expecting the worst
You gotta prepare cause inside here, insanity lurks
so when it hurts and you’re feeling like you can’t go on
you stay strong cause that pain will not last long.

In the hole, where the C.O.’s would love to see you cut your throat,
And your only goal is to keep a hold of what’s left of your soul.
Cause they mess with your hopes and step on your toes trying to see if you’ll break,
It’s a game to be played, a fight too stay sane, a place for the crazed,
One must maintain and busy his brain, or all will be lost
If you don’t change but come out the same, then DAUG you the boss,
So when the cost seems like too much and tomorrow is hopeless,
You continue to cope push aside your sorrows and keep your focus.

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