Justified Racism

A new Look at Gangs- Myths versus reality. Intro to two essays by Norman Green
Norman Green #228971,is a prisoner in the Boscobel Supermax in Wisconsin(WSPF)-one of the most restrictive prisons in the nation. He remains on the lowest levels of the system because he refuses to take their programs, finding them demeaning and hypocritical. He will not “play the game.”, Norman Green is a natural leader, visionary, and an eloquent spokeman for equal rights and justice for all. Many of the inmates look up to him and follow his lead. Litigator and target of much retaliation, he claims innocence of original charge and that he is in WSPF because of his lawsuits.
We will here put out some of his documents, and essays on gangs, racism and prisons. He knows gangs and has been a leader in trying to lead kids away from violence into constructive group activity- something he calls “Sublimate. “ He is enraged at how the established powers will not let the transition happen- how the white power structure want the gangs to remain fragmented and self destructive. AS the joke goes, who needs the Klu Klux Klan when you got gangs.
But more importantly to this reader, is the way Norman Green shows that the present censorship of magazines, and media in the prisons, and the general outrage at the most popular Afroamerican and Latino entertainment and communication mediums at large, amounts to cultural genocide. This is because, for one thing, the very means of communication used by African Americans, and Latinos- is labeled “Gang”and is used as a tool to keep young men, many of them potential leaders of a new America, in jail- forever. It is a concept worth understanding.

CASE 02 CV – 3480

“The Reality No One Wants To Talk About.”
By Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil
(Aka, Norman C. Green JR)
A Supermax Political Prisoner.

I recently had the opportunity to read MEP’s Spring 2004 report. On Page seven there was an article by Laura McNeil, et al, on “Midwest Racial Justice – Gathering, Feb. 20-21”. What made me take special notice of this article – among too many to name – was the seemingly radical youthful spirit that she always has penning her articles, and the subject matter concerning the too often ignored subtle racism or, more P.C., white superiority, that is so steep in the state of Wisconsin, that one day will cause all kinds of unwanted problems if it is continually ignored and foolishly thought to be non-existent.
In Ms. McNeil’s article, she stated at this gathering people was encouraged to confront the hidden and ignored institutional white superiority in Wisconsin. She said that Supermax staff and other people in position of authority – who, by design – seem to be damn near all white, need to be held accountable for their white supremacy attributes.
What really got my attention was her words that white individuals need to start supporting Akebulan (Black or Afra-American) leaders and organizations on the terms of those leaders, and organizations on the terms of those who lead, and not get involved with the attitude that “my way” – most of the time a white way attitude – is the best way, when some solutions to the problems require personal knowledge that can only be gained by experience, i.e., that which the Black woman and man experience.
Now, I have heard people make these beautiful statements before and I have found myself galvanized towards them and trying to network with them so that we can take these spoken words from symbolic idealism to practical realism, yet these individuals seem to be not so liberal with their support and networking clamor.
I don’t know Ms. McNeil personally, so I now will offer her and anyone else the opportunity to truly make those encouraging words a reality. Further, before this seemingly simple task can be finalized, some truths and reality checking must first be acknowledged.
So what is (part) of that justified racism? First of all, let’s deal with the kinds of language that society and the world at large has become so accustomed to that they don’t realize they are in essence propagating the foundation of white supremacy by the continuous use of the words “race” and “racism” when dealing with the human community. Let me further explain your good intentions and humble hearts are saying we are all one human family yet your words and actions divide that family when we use the word race. Why? Because there is only one race of people in existence, the human race. The term race was propagated to keynote the white supremacy attitude that white people are wholly human and every other ethnic group of people are sub-races. This is one reason why institutionalized racism, or, correctly stated, white supremacy, still exists – because, even the unconscience eradicators of this school of thought is unseemingly teaching it as part of their anti-racism philosophy, so the schools and super educated universities teach this division as well.
Now that we have laid the foundation, I would like to illuminate the new state sponsored and supported way to justify and get away with white supremacy (racism) under the justified clause.
All the state has to do is simply label you a gang member or gang leader and they can just about rationalize and justify any kind of abuse, harassment and even death sentence to a Akebulan or Taino (Black and Latino) youth, and not only will the white (majority) citizens support it, but even their own people will support this new clothe to guise and conceal white supremacy as legitimate state action. This is the new reality of white supremacy that no one is willing to address. At least not in my experience of trying to reach out to people in Madison and Wisconsin as a whole.
No, I am not marginalizing the merit that there is a legitimate concern in regards to negative behavior, misdirected and ill-guided youth and self-destructive conduct. Quiet the contrary, I could even do such a thing because I teach and encourage young men on a daily basis to discard that kind of attitude (gangster mentals) and behavior because it only aids and assist the design and master plan of the white supremacists to justify their claim to power and control. However, what the public and people who support this state sponsored white “ism” tend to not see is that the prisons and government are, and have always, prevented us from trying to discard the wrong way for the right way. By political action, creation of certain laws to keep us disenfranchised, and the support of the uneducated public, they have manipulated and forced the static existence of the gang culture.
Why would they do something like this while claiming to want to destroy the gangs? Common sense! But, because we as a society have surrendered our common sense, these things must be pointed out. Because only the seeker of truth will receive and find the truth. For, those who have studied world governments and institutions, two words will clarify: “money” and “power,” or “power and money.” And, of course, there are the other small gains by keeping the gang culture in the static position. History has shown that when groups of men – I have yet to see a gang or organized group of women move from illegal to legal enterprise – mature and matriculate into the democratic/republic, they become a political and economic threat or at less competitor in the national and international machine. This is why white men don’t want Akebulan and Taino gangs to go from self-destructive to self-determination.
So, you see this white supremacy no one wants to address, they don’t want to believe that myself and others are political prisoners at the state Supermax merely because identification with certain political and philosophical beliefs that are embedded in our heritage, culture, and spiritual existence. But because white supremacists have labeled and classified these as gangs, they have been given the free will to do and act, as they like. This is why most of the youth out in the communities are miseducated about the Ghetto social club or Ghetto fraternity (called gangs by those that don’t want to see them sublimate and evolve). Of course, most of these kids and even grown ups act out negatively, because when you don’t know anything – and I mean really know the basics – of what you claim to be or about, you will act out contrarily.
Why are they miseducated? Simple word, “censorship” of those who can and are courageous enough to teach them. And the fact that in order to be accepted in this society, you are told you must give up your total identity even when there are those positive and productive parts that the United States Constitution protects and says you have a right to associate. But white supremacists classify almost everything associated with Black and Latino – i.e., mainly hip-hop – as gang related. This justified suppression of expression is part of the question that equals to the Ghetto social and political racial justification.
I would like to give a small discourse on the gang culture and its many unsuccessful attempts to matriculate into the democratic society, but we have no space to do so. However, those who are seriously desiring to embrace the concept that Ms. McNeil encourages of aiding Black and Latino leaders successfully moves their struggles to that next level and checks the white superiority within side this state. I am, and many other Akebulan and Taino men of positive influence, are prepared and ready to not only school them and society about our struggles, but take that American dream – that has excluded us – to another level so that this concept is not seemingly a white man’s reality, but an American reality encompassing all segments of our human society.
So, if you are serious about these idealisms that Ms. McNeil called for, I’m not hard to find. Just look me up at your state’s proudest symbol of institutionalized oppression to suppression of justified, properly called, White Supremacy State enterprising.

Supermax Political Prisoner

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