Why Must My Life Be So Corrupt?

Why Must My Life Been So Corrupt?

Why must my life been so corrupt?
Filled with hatred and rage!
Why must I be locked in a cage?
Turning psychotic, feeling homicidal!
Lord, please forgive me, cause I'm bout to sin again!
I can't eat, I can't sleep
I look in the mirror every morning
And I'm sick of what I see.
Lord Father please come rescue me!
I've walked this road for so long
My fee hurt, my soul is tired, I'm sick, I wanna kill myself
But I don't wanna put my mother through that hurt.
Try to visualize what my life is worth
pleasure and pain, hatred and rage,
Lord, father, how can I turn from this page?
Evil I am, evil I do, right from wrong, wrong from right
Can't seem to do right, cause everything wrong feels so right
Live life, love life, forget life, hate life.
How can I love my life, when my life don't love me?
Lord father please, can you shed some life on me?
Give me your guidance, please father guide me.

by Wisconsin Prisoner, now realeased

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