State Deficit And Major Inmate Complaints

A State Deficit and Major Prison Complaints
By Myron Edwards #25831

What to do, a massive state deficit, prison complaints, and angry tax payers whom are taking all these blows.
Well, Governor Doyle, allow me to show you how to “kill 2 birds with one stone, so to speak, and if not, kill one and severely wound the other.
In every D.O.C “facility”, and/or institution-there’s an Inmate Complaint Review System (I.C.R.S.hereafter) with a nice sizable staff who get paid considerably than the correctional officers(C.O.’s hereafter) . However,you cannot have a I.C.R.S. ran by the D.O.C. exclusively to handle complaints dealing with the D.O.C. administrators, C.O.’s, and staff ..especially if that I..R.S. is based “right in” the institution, a natural conflict of interest occurs.
These institutional based I.C.R.S. staff, over a period of time, develop a good relationship to the institutions’ C.O.’s, administrators and other staff members-because they have to work closely around them daily.. and are paid from the same source.
In this instance, when a inmate writes a complaint about serious matters involving: mistreatment by a C.O. or C.O.’s, due process violations by administrators etc.-no I.C.R.S. member impartially reviews the complaint.. it’s always justified or put off by stating the complaintant wrote “too many issues” in one complaint.
If you were to check the volume of complaints submitted, per institution ,with results of how the complaints were handled, the showing would be something like this (imaginatively) : out of 2,000 complaints filed at WSPF, 1800 of them were “dismissed” (all in one year). Now, if you were to read the nature of these 2,00 complaints- 1,800 of those complaints would be of a serious nature or actually D.O.C. code violations perpettrtrated byt the C.O.’s or administration. Don’t check the subject matter only- because all I.C.R.S> at an institution, especially this one, watrs down the subject matter of the complaint so when one checks the computer you see a frivolous subject, but if you typed up the actualcomlaint it would be a legitimate complaint (according to D.O.C. code ruling concerning the particular complaint) or a very serious complaint, hidden under a frivolous subject labeling.
Now this 2,000 countis about average every year, at every institution- and this is how the complaints are handled at every institution. When the inmates file an appeal of the decision to the Corrections Complaint Examiner in Madison (C.C. E. hereafter), it’s naturally dismissed, because the C.C.E. always sides with the decisions of the I.C.R.S. staff.
It’s quite obvious is you look at it: If the D.O.C. hired and paid I.C.R.S. & C.C.E. workers to go against other C.O.’s (and the administrators etc)-who would then face losing their jobs or being sanctioned in some meaningful way, the institution’s authority over inmates would crumble because a house divided cannot stand. Them are the facts in a nutshell.
Now that we see the whole I.C.R.S. from top to bottom is infected and useless, let’s look at EACH D.O>C. institutions I.C.R.S. staff and C.C.E.’s in Madison.. that’s a lot of people per capita.. getting paid checks (higher than C.O.’s) for nothing at all-(we’ve proved that).
If you were to dismantle the I.C.R.S. from the D.O.C.-as well as dismantle the C.C.E. , completely, that would severely put a huge dent in the state deficit, and lighten the taxpayer’s load.
To replace the needed complaint system in prisons for inmates- allow an outside non-profit organization.. that will be based outside the institutions and ALL complaints mailed thereto (postage free, paid by federally” funded organization). This non-profit organization or organizations be allowed and licensed-given authority to reverse conduct report hearings for procedural errors, aand other prison hearings after inmates have appealed the decisions to the warden (likw normal). And to order C.O.’s, administrators, and prison staff to rectify the problem, if one found, in 30 days or they will bgrant a Declaratory Judgement (kinda like) to the complaining inmate which can be used in civil suits or Writ of Certoraries..if the inmate decides to go those avenues.
This same non-profit organization must be allowed to order sanctions against the administrators, C.O.’s, prison staff, whomever of them it’s against. These sanctions shall consist of susssssspension with no pay for more than 3 days.
This will solve the prison problems, lower the taxpayers burden, lower the state deficit, create job employment, and keep prison officials in check (and their workers) If ex –prison officials or D.O.C. ex-workers go to work at this non-profit organizations, they cannot handle a complaint from the prison they worked at for 4 years. 1] to help stable the work force 2) At his point they fear ne inmate complaint.
I don’t doubt about you, Governor Doyle- but I thnk that’s one hell of a deal.. 10 to one, taxpayers will agree with me as well.. especially if they just knew how many epeople it take to run the whole I.C.R.S. throughout the state prisons and in Madison, as wella as how much they all get paid .
If you’re not careful, I may run for senator, from prison-like that one senator did that went to prison a few months ago.. what’s his name…right.. Exactly!! (smile) THE END

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