Binding Chaos

Binding Chaos
by Loran Pate #195508

Once upon a time, a fire spirit and a giantess gave birth to a set of triplets. Neither the fire spirit nor the giantess had a very good reputation among the gods, and so the triplets were viewed with a good deal of suspicion.
The first of the triplets—a blind serpent—the gods cast into the sea. The creature was so large it wrapped around the world and bit its own tail. The second child, a daughter, half fair, half corrupt—the gods cast into the underworld, where she was to watch over the quiet dead.
The third of the offspring appeared to be a normal wolf cub. The gods saw no reason not to keep the cub. For a time, the cub led a peaceful life. All the Gods took part in feeding and raising the pup, which they called Fenris.
With time, Fenris grew and grew, and it seemed he’d never stop. The gods grew fearful of Fenris and stopped coming to him. Al except Tyr, only Tyr had the courage to keep feeding the wolf.
The rest of the gods wanted to be rid of Fenris, but didn’t want to spill blood on their holy ground. They took Fenris to a remote island, and there got him to play a game with them. The gods had heavy chains made, and sought to see if Fenris could break them. It seemed that no matter how large and strong the chains; Fenris was more than strong enough to break them.
The gods went to the dwarves to have magical bounds fashioned. From things seen and unseen, the dwarves fashioned a magic chain. It looked no more than a ribbon of silk, but nothing in all the realms could break it. Fenris sensed a trick and told the gods so.
The gods assured Fenris there was no deceit, but Fenis asked an assurance. One of the gods had to place their hand in Fenris’s mouth and if the gods did not release him, he would bite off the hand. Of all the gods, only Tyr had the courage to offer his hand, even though he knew of their planned treachery.
In the end, everyone lost; the gods lost the strong right hand of the god of war, and Try and Fenris each lost a friend, and all to bind chaos, but only for a time. The gods know that in the end, chaos will be released, but until then, society has order.
Tyr has been called by some an oath breaker- I disagree. Some see Fenris as evil—is chaos evil? What are the wolves in your life? What sacrifice can you make to have order in your life? What thoughts are fed in your heart by this story? I’d like to hear about them so take a little time and write, I don’t bite.

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